Smart Contract on Blockchain

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Smart Contract on Blockchain

Fintechee provides cryptocurrency price on their website. has some cases.

A lot of users asked us why we need to use to trade? What’s the difference between the traditional trading platform and Brokerless.CC? The best thing is that traders don’t need to deposit or withdraw, even sign up.

Why can’t traditional trading platforms bypass the process of depositing? Because the OTC platform needs a centralized institution to manage the funds to react for the market movement being behalf of traders. Bank transfer is too slow for that. Smart Contract on Blockchain is good at this.

OTC platform is faster, but we have heard of some cases that the bosses run off with the clients’ funds. So traders need a platform that should be safe and fast to execute the trades. Then was given birth. is made by the latest tech: The backend is based on the EOS blockchain and smart contract. The frontend is based on Fintechee(AI trader): Both are promising in the coming trading world.

Difference between “With Smart Contract on Blockchain” and “Without Smart Contract on Blockchain”

In the past, traders need to sign up for an account at some broker and deposit funds to it as margin. If the boss of the broker runs off with the funds, the traders lost their funds. Now, traders don’t need to take a risk like that, because of our service.

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